Using GrayKey Passcode History File


GrayKey collections contain more than just the file system of an iOS device and this additional data is often overlooked. A notable example of this is the GrayKey passcode history file. Learn from Grayshift subject matter experts as they provide an overview of GrayKey passcode history file and how it can be used to maximize your investigations.

Presented by: Stevie Coates, Digital Forensics Specialist, Grayshift

This webinar is sponsored by Grayshift.

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Advancements in Handwriting Recognition for Financial Investigators


Collecting actionable insights from handwritten documents takes time, resources, and a skilled eye. In many cases, check images, deposit slips, and other handwritten forms come by the thousands.   The ScanWriter team will demonstrate the latest hyperautomation technology that captures and converts handwriting from any document into Excel or Business Intelligence analytics with accuracy.

Join this webinar to review real cases and effective techniques for processing large data sets that include documents with handwriting.

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Using GrayKey To Expedite Your Investigations


Mobile devices provide a wealth of digital evidence. They can indicate where devices have been, what they’ve done, who they’ve communicated with, when and why. Keeping up with technology is currently a challenge and will remain a challenge for years to come. iOS and Android platforms are constantly being updated on a regular basis, which make accessing locked and encrypted devices difficult. Staying ahead on the latest applications and artifacts that come from both Android and iOS will be essential.

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Preservation Letters & Their Vital Role in any Investigation


In today’s world, social media dominates the way people communicate and it’s where criminals exploit users. In many instances, evidence has been lost from online platforms such as Snapchat, Kik, and Facebook during an investigation because the evidence wasn’t preserved.  In this class, we’ll discuss the importance of preservation letters and how they can play a vital role in almost any investigation. The language to include in a preservation letter, how to submit them, and examples from trendy platforms will also be covered.

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Capture The Flag: Asked and Answered!


Join a team of experts from the NW3C as they provide thoughtful and detailed answers to the CTF questions you submit. Head over to and click the link on the home page to submit any question regarding CTF, digital forensics, cyber investigations, or information security and a panel of NW3C experts will provide answers during this live session.

Presented by:
Chris Atha, High Tech Crime Specialist, NW3C
Norm Gibson,

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What Criminal Justice Practitioners Should Know About Ransomware in 2021


This webinar will focus on the state of ransomware in August 2021 related criminal communities, nuances of extortion, and other information of value to investigators, digital forensic examiners, and prosecutors confronted with the onslaught of this crime.  Please join our presenters as they dissect the technical and the criminal justice challenges as this problem continues to evolve.

Presented by:
Cindy Murphy, President, TetraDefense
Jim Emerson, Vice President, NW3C

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Linguistic Forensic Science: A Primer for Cybercrime Investigators, Digital Forensic Examiners, and Prosecutors


This webinar will explain how language can be used as a forensic science tool, underlying research rigor, and acceptable application. It will familiarize participants with historical and emerging use in investigations and prosecutions, the potential relevance to online and digital evidence, and the basic legal considerations for appropriate use in litigation.

Presented by:
Carole Chaski, PhD, Alias Technology

NW3C does not share webinar attendees’ personally identifiable information with any third party without opt-in consent given during registration.

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Anti-Money Laundering Training in a Post Pandemic Era


Registrations will close 24 hours before webinar start time.

Implementing a successful anti-money laundering training program is a challenge in a post-pandemic era. Combining the human element and technology is key to communicating the patterns of money laundering, terrorist financing, and national security threats to financial investigators and anti-money laundering compliance professionals.

Presented by:
Kim Manchester, Founder, ManchesterCF

NW3C does not share webinar attendees’ personally identifiable information with any third party without opt-in consent given during registration.

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Springtime SQLite Survival Series Part III – What the Hex is going on in this SQLite database?


SQLite is a self-contained, serverless database engine. It is found on nearly every operating system and dominates iOS®, Android®, and macOS as one of the most prevalent and relevant data storage mechanisms. Join Maggie Gaffney (Teel Tech) and Chris Atha (NW3C) for part three of their three-part Springtime SQLite Survival Series.

Part III will tackle technical concepts such as decoding SQLite databases in hexadecimal and investigating blobs. This session will focus on leveraging Forensic Browser for SQLite to dive deeper into SQLite files.

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Internet Identifiers: Names and Numbers for Law Enforcement


Registrations will close 24 hours before webinar start time

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) have joined together to develop a presentation specifically designed for law enforcement focused on cyber security and the roles our organizations play in helping to combat this ever-evolving problem. ICANN helps coordinates the names and numbers that are used as unique identifiers in the global Internet. It is tasked with helping make sure that the Domain Name System (DNS) remains stable,

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