Using the Internet to Solve Crimes


This training is intended for U.S. Criminal Justice Practitioners. Please register using your agency-issued email.

This webinar will demonstrate the skills needed to conduct internet-based investigations. Attendees will learn about the current publicly available open source investigative techniques (OSINT) that can be used in intelligence gathering will be discussed. Attendees will also gain valuable insight into learning new ways to gather intelligence from public or open sources available without the need for subpoenas or search warrants.

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Intelligence Analysis: Asked and Answered


Join some experts from NW3C as they provide thoughtful and detailed answers to the intelligence analysis questions you submit. Click here  to submit questions regarding intelligence analysis skills, information collection, or general comments of analytic tradecraft and the NW3C experts will provide answers during this live session.

Presented by:
Randy Stickley, Intelligence Specialist, NW3C
Justin Parker, Senior Intelligence Analyst, Iowa Department of Public Safety/Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center
Heaven Henwood,

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Using Video Technology to Solve Crimes


This training is intended for U.S. Criminal Justice Practitioners. Please register using your agency-issued email.

Video surveillance is used in most investigations and almost everything we do is now being recorded from businesses, homes, cell phones, and other recorders. Attendees will learn about video surveillance technology and how we perceive recorded images. We will discuss best practices in properly obtaining video surveillance and various types of recorders to obtain the best quality videos. 

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The webinar covers one type of “crime as a service” (CaaS) offered on clearnet and darknet spaces, namely malware as a service (MaaS). Specifically, this webinar introduces participants to MaaS, the Clearnet and Darknet sites where malware and MaaS are marketed, advertised, and sold, and information about them is distributed. Particularly, attention will be paid to the M.O., tactics, targets, and tools used by perpetrators of this cybercrime.


Abraham Riviera,

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Clearnet Investigations of Cyber-Enabled Fraud


Chat rooms, discussion forums, and VoIP, instant messaging, and social media platforms have been used to facilitate cyber-enabled fraud, such as the sale of stolen data, skimming, and BEC scams.  This webinar introduces participants to cyber-enabled fraud, types of cyber-enabled fraud, and the platforms used in the commission of these types of cybercrime. Participants will gain practical knowledge of the ways perpetrators of cyber-enabled fraud can be identified on these platforms, and the tools that can be used to identify the individuals and groups that commit these cybercrimes,

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Cyber Organized Crime


Cybercrimes can and have been committed by organized criminal groups.  This webinar introduces participants to the notion of cyber organized crime, the cyber-dependent and cyber-enabled crimes committed by organized criminal groups, the structure and organization of cyber organized criminal groups and roles of members within these groups, and the tools used by these groups. The clearnet and darknet spaces where these groups operate will also be explored.

Presented by:

Dr. Marie-Helen Maras,

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Using Social Media to Solve Crimes


Students will learn the skills needed to conduct investigations using social media. Students will learn about the different social media companies and how their information can assist in investigations using a court order or using open-source intelligence techniques. A case study will be presented that was solved using Internet-based investigations and social media. Students will be provided with a copy of the presentation and search warrant templates for social media records.

Presented by:
Jeffrey German,

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ICAC UC Chat Techniques Tips and Tricks


Undercover chat investigations are used to help intercept child predators from victimizing children in our communities. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the chat techniques used in child exploitation cases. We will cover different apps that were used and how they assisted in identifying the targets and discuss some of the interview techniques that helped lead to confessions.

*This webinar is not a replacement for the ICAC UC Chat Investigations Course.

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Encrypted Communication Platforms


Cybercriminals in clearnet and darknet spaces often use tools like encrypted communication platforms in the commission of cybercrimes. This webinar introduces participants to various encrypted communication platforms and their use by online threat actors. Participants will gain technical knowledge of encrypted communication platforms and gain practical knowledge on how to conduct investigations that involve these platforms.

Presented by:

Shweta Jain, Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Colton Robinson,

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investigations: Beyond the Basics


Building upon the previous cryptocurrency webinar, “Bitcoin 101: What Are Cryptocurrency and Blockchain All About?” presented by Cobwebs, this webinar will introduce investigative techniques to show how open-source information can be leveraged to attribute identities to wallets and addresses. This webinar will also briefly demonstrate the OSINT and cryptocurrency analysis capabilities of Cobwebs.

Presented by:
Stephen Lerner, Senior Web Intelligence Analyst, Cobwebs Technologies

This webinar is sponsored by Cobwebs Technologies.

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