Surviving and Thriving in the Court Room

Surviving the Courtroom

The essence of any good investigation, is the conviction of the person’s responsible for committing those crimes. This Webinar will focus on testifying in court and the post arrest process in preparing for trial. This webinar will also focus on what to incorporate or not incorporate in your reports. We will discuss how to negate arguments made by defense counsel, how to testify, how to be more credible, how to prepare and ultimately set yourself up for success in any trial.

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Investigators, Examiners, and Analysts Working Remotely: Police and Prosecutor COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities

COVID 19 Challenges and Opportunities

The ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have resulted in social distancing and even isolation of both the general population and public safety professionals.  This new remote workspace and workflow reality, safeguards for minimizing human interaction while accessing agency critical facilities, combined with cancellation of face to face training events has led to a range of challenges as well as presented a number of opportunities to identify new efficiencies and modalities for both operations and training both during this ongoing scenario and possibly beyond.

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Using OSINT to Track Suspicious Crypto Currency Activity

Cobwebs Webinar

Investigators face a great challenge in finding cryptocurrency wallets’ footprints across the web and understanding who may be behind it. The webinar will focus on tracking those digital footprints on all levels of the internet, using advanced OSINT technologies, tying malicious activities to networks of harmful individuals. By utilizing processes that involve Artificial Intelligence, including NLP (Natural Language Processing) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), mentions of crypto wallets, be it in posts, images, or more,

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Coronavirus: Fighting Scams and Fraud During a Global Pandemic

COVID19 Fraud Image

This webinar is intended to inform law enforcement and criminal justice professionals to some scams and acts of fraud that are likely to be perpetrated during a pandemic.

In response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, NW3C recognizes the need for law enforcement training related to scams and fraud that are being used to exploit a pandemic.

The highly contagious COVID-19 has impacted our way of life as we know it.

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The Neurological and Psychological Elements of Victims, Witnesses and Suspects

John Pizzuro

This Webinar will focus on how the advent of technology and neuroscience has impacted victims and made them more vulnerable to the criminal element. We will go over the psychological aspects of criminal mindset as well as the investigators mindset in order to set them up for success. This Webinar will focus on the understanding of Human Behavior, what to look for how to understand people and influence your outcome.

Presented by: John Pizzuro

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Counterfeit Goods: Money Laundering in Plain Sight


The sale of counterfeit goods may be thought of as a relatively harmless crime, when in reality production, sale, and distribution of counterfeit goods represents money laundering, corruption, fraud, human trafficking, sanctions evasion, and terrorist finance. Much like the sale of illegal narcotics, the production, distribution, and sale of counterfeit goods can yield hundreds of billions of dollars every year. As a result, transnational and localized organized crime groups are involved at every step of the operation.

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Gas Pump Skimming

Gas Pump Skimming

The webinar will discuss the anatomy of gas pump skimming from the manufacturing of the skimmers to laundering of the proceeds. The instructor will discuss the various types of skimmers, how the card numbers are harvested as well as the various methods of cashing out.

Presented by: Jasen Wells

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The Functionality of Private Coins

Blockchain Alliance

We will be hearing from Coin Center, Chainalysis, and Ciphertrace on the functionality of, and challenges presented by, privacy coins.

Presented by:
Jerry Brito, Coin Center
Dave Jevans, Ciphertrace
Jonathan Levin, Chainalysis
Jason Weinstein, Steptoe
Alan Cohn, Steptoe

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What’s New in DF330- Advanced Android and iOS Forensic Analysis

NW3C Webinars

This webinar will highlight the changes to the DF330 course and will focus on the advanced skills and knowledge necessary to analyze data on iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad) and Android devices at an advanced level. Students use forensically-sound methods and techniques to analyze potential evidence, employing advanced techniques to uncover evidence potentially missed or misrepresented by commercial forensic tools. Core skills include analyzing artifacts such as device information, call history, voicemail, messages,

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