How Can the Cyber Center Help Me?

As a police chief, it is imperative to have the knowledge necessary to guide your officers address cyber crimes. Here, we provide information and tools for IT security, cyber crime investigations, and personnel development.

More and more agencies are being targeted by hackers, making the task of securing department networks ever more critical. Law enforcement agencies engage in many activities that make them vulnerable to cyber attacks, including:

  • hosting public-facing websites;
  • maintaining social media accounts;
  • using email;
  • using web-based crime analysis and reporting programs;
  • using computer-based records management systems;
  • storing evidence electronically.

Here we provide you with the resources that will help you understand cyber threats and take the steps necessary to protect your networks. Other sections of the Law Enforcement Cyber Center site provide valuable information for your officers and investigators regarding digital forensics, cyber investigations, and cyber crime training programs.

IT Security

Protecting a computer network can be a very daunting task. Here we identify some critical items that a police chief should consider.
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Cyber Crime Investigations

Understand the role in ensuring your officers and investigators are prepared to properly handle complex cyber crime investigations.
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Personnel Development

Explore ways in which you can develop your personnel to maximize your cybercrime investigations and efficiency at your agency.
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Explore relevant training programs.
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Targeted areas of interest designed to aide Chiefs, Officers and Prosecutors.
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