How can the Law Enforcement Cyber Center help me?

Provided below is basic information for officers and investigators regarding cyber security, cyber investigations, cyber forensics, training, and resources.

For law enforcement officers who encounter cell phones, computers, mobile devices, and other electronic media at crime scenes or in the course of making arrests, this website provides information about:

  • Key items to consider during the initial investigation
  • Importance of mobile forensics and investigative strategies
  • How cyber attacks work, investigative tips, and how to protection personal and agency information
  • Best practices
  • Training and resources
  • Common types of devices that generate electronic evidence

Cybercrime Investigations

Learn the necessary steps when first responding to a cyber crime investigation.
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Cyber Security

Brief yourself on the digital landscape as we know it and how to safe guard your data.
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Cyber Forensics

Understand how to identify and work with different forms of digital evidence from seizing devices to examining them.
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Mobile Forensics

Understand how to identify and work with different forms of mobile devices and leveraging their associated data sets in an investigation or examination.
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Explore relevant training programs for officers.
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Targeted areas of interest designed to aide Chiefs, Officers and Prosecutors
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