How Can the Cyber Center Help Me?

For the cyber investigator, we examine the issues of cyber investigations and digital evidence in more detail.

Digital evidence is any information or data of value to an investigation that is stored on, received, or transmitted by an electronic device. Text messages, emails, pictures, videos, and Internet searches are some of the most common types of digital evidence used today. Individuals, companies, organizations, and law enforcement agencies generate significant amounts of digital evidence every day. Whether it is a picture or video recording of an incident on a mobile device, use of an online map to case a property before a burglary, text messages between accomplices, or selling stolen items online, almost every case includes at least one piece of digital evidence.

Cyber Crime Investigations

Review the necessary steps when first responding to a cyber crime.
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Digital Evidence

Understand how to identify and work with different forms of digital evidence.
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Explore relevant training programs for cyber crime investigators.
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