How Can the Cyber Center Help Me?

The goal of this section is to provide resources to those who prosecute cybercrimes, and includes both links to sources explicitly focused on cybercrimes, as well as links to traditional legal resources related to cybercrime prosecution.

Note that this information is not presented as a source of legal advice, but rather to provide context for some of the legal issues that relate to cybercrime.

Federal Statutes

Discussions and summaries of relevant federal statutes inclduing ECPA, and Pen Register and Trap and Trace.
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Litigation Guides

Published guides by federal agencies regarding digital evidence, electronic crime matters, and expert witnesses.
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Emerging Legal and Policy Issues

Resources related to identifying emerging legal and policy issues for prosecutors.
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Digital Search Warrants

We discuss three important issues concerning search warrants for digital evidence: particularity, permissible time for examination, and retention of seized data.
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Explore relevant training programs.
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Targeted areas of interest designed to aide Chiefs, Officers and Prosecutors.
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IACP Conference