Who is the intended audience of the Law Enforcement Cyber Center?

We anticipate that this website will be helpful to police chiefs and executives, patrol officers, digital forensic investigators, and detectives investigating crimes that involve electronic devices. Further, while large law enforcement agencies may already be well equipped to handle large volumes of sophisticated cyber crimes, most law enforcement agencies are less well equipped and we hope this website will be of particular value to them.

How does the Cyber Center relate to BJA’s mission?

The IACP Cyber Center supports BJA’s efforts to improve outreach to law enforcement and public safety agencies with information about how to prevent, respond to, and investigate cyber threats and cyber crime. BJA collaborates with the Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Committee (CICC), a working group of the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative, to help law enforcement agencies work with their respective communities to address cyber-related threats. This initiative includes partnerships with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, and other local, state, and national stakeholders to coordinate resources targeting cyber crime, cyber espionage, and other malicious cyber activities.

Who can I call for assistance with a cyber complaint or investigation?

There are a number of places that one can turn to for help. For a list of potentially helpful agencies, please see the Community Resources page.

What cyber training opportunities exist?

There is a vast collection of cyber-related training available online, in person, free and at-cost. For a comprehensive list, please see the Training page.

Where can I find resources about protecting my databases and systems from intrusion?

IT security (aka information security, or cyber security) is a large topic with many technical and policy dimensions. For a summary of a few most important steps, please see the IT Security page.

How are cyber complaints reported?

Incident reporting varies depending on the agency or individual that has suffered an attack. We provide some useful suggestions for means of reporting incidents on our Incident Reporting page.

Where can I learn more about cyber security and cyber crime?

Please see the Cyber Security FAQ fore more information.


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