As a police chief, it is imperative that you have the knowledge necessary to guide your officers as they address cyber crimes.  This section of the site will provide information about how to protect your department’s network and the proper way to respond to cyber incidents.

How can this Cyber Center help me?

State and local law enforcement agencies perform a number of tasks that may be vulnerable to cyber attacks, including:

  • hosting websites;
  • maintaining social media accounts;
  • using email;
  • using web-based crime analysis and reporting programs;
  • using computer-based records management systems;
  • storing evidence electronically.

The need for cost-effective storage space has led to the use of “cloud” storage for specific types of digital evidence, including case files, victim and perpetrator information, criminal histories, and other sensitive data. More and more agencies are being targeted by hackers, making the task of securing department networks ever more critical.

As a police chief, you need resources that will help you understand cyber threats and take the steps necessary to protect your entire network from cyber attacks. The rest of this section explores these issues in depth.

Other sections of the Law Enforcement Cyber Center site provide valuable information for your officers and investigators regarding digital forensics, cyber investigations, and cyber crime training programs.

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