IT Security Resources

Chief’s Reference Guide

This reference guide is designed to support police chiefs in understanding the broad topics of cyber crime, specific action items to be addressed, and resources available to assist in these efforts. In addition to creating an outline of cyber crime fundamentals, the Checklist links to resources which elaborate on these topics in greater detail and connect chiefs to subject matter experts for further collaboration. The information contained in the checklist is not an all encompassing resource, however. It highlights core information to help law enforcement executives better protect your agency from cyber threats and serve your community.

View the Chief’s Reference Guide.

National Consortium for Advanced Policing (NCAP)

The National Consortium for Advanced Policing (NCAP) published two reports, described below, on cyber security and state and local law enforcement:

The Cybersecurity Guide for State and Local Law Enforcement includes practical information on how agencies and officers can protect themselves against cyber threats, as well as how they can protect businesses and individuals in their communities from cybercrime and related threats.

View the Cybersecurity Guide for State and Local Law

Cybersecurity for State and Local Law Enforcement: A Policy Roadmap to Enhance Capabilities, NCAP-CCHS Issue Brief. This issue brief complements the NCAP guide by proposing a set of policy recommendations about how executive branch agencies, Congress, and state and local legislators can enhance the role and effectiveness of state and local law enforcement with respect to cybersecurity.

View the NCAP-CCHS issue brief

IACP Conference