Understanding Digital Footprints—Steps to Protect Personal Information for law enforcement

Cybercrime is an ever-growing issue for state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) law enforcement. With advancements in technology, coupled with the oversharing of personal information, law enforcement not only needs to ensure the public’s safety online but also be cognizant of the digital footprint that people are leaving behind.

This document provides material designed to assist law enforcement personnel in protecting themselves and their families from becoming cyber targets: protecting personal information, cyber dos and don’ts, and links to further cyber training and resources.

For example, law enforcement personnel can easily make themselves, their families, coworkers, and agencies vulnerable by oversharing their personal information. One area of great concern is social media. With more than 1.6 billion active Facebook users and more than 7,200 tweets being sent every second, it is critical for law enforcement personnel to understand best practices for keeping their personal information safe and secure. In general, individuals should follow strict privacy settings, maintain strong passwords, and utilize secure networks.

Download and read the full article at https://www.it.ojp.gov/GIST/1191/Understanding-Digital-Footprints–Steps-to-Protect-Personal-Information.

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