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The Law Enforcement Cyber Center was created to enhance the awareness, expand the education, and build the capacity of justice and public safety agencies in preventing, investigating, prosecuting, and responding to cyber threats and cyber crimes. The Cyber Center is:

  • An online resource for law enforcement and justice and public safety agencies that channels users to tools and resources that support investigation, prosecution, digital forensics collection and management, and information systems security.
  • An online toolkit of resources, training, technical assistance, and information sharing to help agencies address evolving threats and crime, support the diverse needs of their individual communities, and build secure and resilient information systems and resources.
  • Tailored to meet the specific and practical needs of chiefs, investigators, line officers, digital forensic examiners, technical support staff, and other practitioners.
  • Leverages the broad range of resources, training, technical assistance, and research currently offered by partner organizations worldwide.

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