Resource Center

Cyber Security

A compilation of frequently asked questions, a diagram of a cyber attack lifecycle, commonly used terms, and a full glossary of terms.
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Cyber Threat Bulletins

Resources that provide updated information on cyber threats.
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Cyber Crime Community Resources

Information about other law enforcement agencies that can assist with cyber crimes and investigations.
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Incident Reporting

Learn how to report cyber incidents.
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FBI Cyber Shield Alliance

FBI Cyber Shield Alliance provides many resources to law enforcement.
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See related videos about cyber crime investigations.
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Promotional Flyer

A 2-page promotional flyer summarizing the purpose and value of the Law Enforcement Cyber Center.
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Regional Labs

Search the country for local and regional research labs and organizations that can assist with cyber-related issues, for example, cyber crime units, training facilities, fusion centers, forensic labs, and more.
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IACP Conference