Cyber Threat Bulletins

Several agencies publish threat bulletins, including cyber threat information that may be useful to your agency. These include:

  • The FBI Liaison Alert System (FLASH) reports provide detailed information about current cyber threats.
  • The FBI and DHS collaborate to produce Joint Indicator Bulletins (JIBs), which contain notifications about cyber threats.
  • The FBI also provides Private Industry Notifications (PINs), which are tailored for private sector firms.

More from FBI and Cyber Shield Alliance

Other resources for cyber threat information are provided through Law Enforcement Cyber Intelligence Reports on the FBI’s Cyber Shield Alliance website. Access requires a LEEP or RISS account. For more information, visit the CJIS website.

Cyber Newsletters

In addition, there are many other resources that provide news and updates regarding IT security and cyber threats. For example:

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FBI Cyber Shield Alliance

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