Directory of Cybercrime Labs

In order to assist law enforcement agencies and prosecutorial offices, the LECC has designed a comprehensive database that allows law enforcement to connect with cyber crime experts and practitioners across the United States. This search tool enables visitors to identify and contact local, regional, and national organizations (both private and government) that offer cyber-related services and assistance to law enforcement officials and prosecutors, for example, cyber crime units, training facilities, fusion centers, forensic labs, etc.

Searches may be conducted using zip code, state, keyword, or areas of expertise, as shown. Once the search results are displayed, clicking on the organization’s name will produce a detailed description of the organization, such as contact information, and list of additional capabilities. You may also print the information by clicking the printer icon located at the top right corner of the popup window.

If you believe that a particular organization is missing, or has been mis-identified, please click on the Contribute Content button below and provide as much information as possible.

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