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by Donald F. Kennedy, Jr., Chair, RISS National Policy Group

The Regional Information Sharing Systems® (RISS) is a nationwide program that provides secure information and intelligence sharing capabilities, investigative and analytical services, and officer safety event deconfliction to thousands of local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies; fusion centers; and other appropriate partners across the country.  RISS consists of six centers and the RISS Technology Support Center (RTSC).  RISS supports and responds to the needs of its six regions while working together and with partners on nationwide initiatives.  RISS offers numerous resources that aid investigative efforts, including investigation of cyber-related threats and crimes.

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Directory of Cybercrime Labs and Resources

Search for regional crime labs and other resources to help with cybercrime investigations and assistance.

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Protecting law enforcement from cyber threats

This document provides material designed to assist law enforcement in protecting themselves and their families from becoming cyber targets: protecting personal information, cyber dos and don’ts, and links to further cyber training and resources. Download and read the full article at–Steps-to-Protect-Personal-Information


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Internet of Things Infographic

This fun infographic shows many different kinds of electronic devices that may be found in a residential home. Click on the icons to reveal how the IoT devices generate and store data. Click here to begin exploring the digital home.


For the Prosecutor

This information provides resources to those who prosecute cyber crimes, and includes both links to statutes and case law explicitly focusing on cyber crimes, as well as links to other legal resources related to cyber crime prosecution, such as digital search warrants, and litigation guides. Click here to view more.


Cybercrime Community Awareness and Prevention

In an effort to support and advance police/community interaction addressing cyber crime and victimization, the National White Collar Crime Center, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, and the U.S. Department of Justice, have developed training modules that identify the most common types of Internet and computer-related scams, and instructional tools to help people avoid being victimized by these scams. Click here to view the latest training module.


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