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Tax Scams: Informing Your Community (02/28/18)

Tax scams have gained popularity with criminals in recent years as a way to effectively intimidate individuals with threat of legal action or arrest due to their “unpaid” tax bill. With tax season upon us, it is likely that you’ll be receiving calls from the public regarding these crimes.  Here’s what you need to know.

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Clickbaits: How to avoid being hooked (03/06/18)

Fraudsters and hackers are always looking for new ways to nab people’s personal information. Clickbait is a tactic that relies on people’s curiosity. A provocative headline (like “one weird trick” for weight loss) or advertisement entices people to click on what looks like a news story or a product, but is in fact often a link to a website hosting malicious code like viruses or ransomware.

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The Changing Nature of Crime And Criminal Investigations

The United States is experiencing a transformation in
how criminals are using technology to invent new types of crime, and are creating new methods for committing traditional crimes. These developments are fundamental in nature. People who never committed crimes before are tempted when they learn how easy it can be to deal drugs or steal thousands of dollars, without ever having to confront a victim

Jailbreaking to the Roots: a Forensic Approach to iOS and Android Device Rooting 

This 1 hr webinar presented by NW3C.

Wed, Mar 21, 2018 1:00 PM (EDT)

A forensics examiner’s approach and views on jailbreaking modern iOS devices and rooting Android devices to further investigations and further verify artifacts. Attendees will be provided other topics and information to provoke thought and inspire new ideas for forensic examinations. Additionally this webinar will act as a primer to highlight new topics which will be covered in a new class on the horizon from NW3C.  AMDA (Advanced Mobile Device Analysis) is nearing its ending stages of development and will be an exciting new addition to our training catalog.  Click here to register.



Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies – Law Enforcement Investigative Guide

This investigative guide developed the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC) will provide law enforcement with the real facts of bitcoin, what it is, how criminals are using it.






The emergence of the cloud has presented unique challenges to many actors across the criminal justice system. The purpose of this document is to discuss the inherent challenges of obtaining data stored on cloud-based platforms, followed by resources for navigating them.


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With the proliferation of digital devices and platforms for internet-enabled communication, technology companies are often the gatekeepers of all electronic data. This document talks about how U.S. law enforcement agencies can secure overseas data through the MLAT process.


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Bitcoin Investigative Field Guide

The National White Collar Crime Center’s Bitcoin Investigative Field Guide provides law enforcement-specific information on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The Field Guide explains Bitcoin basics (its history, market value, and uses); how Bitcoin can be obtained (through online exchanges and “mining”); where it can be stored; how to obtain a Bitcoin wallet; and a 4-step process for seizing a suspect’s Bitcoin.

Mobile Field Guide
A mobile version of the Field Guide is accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Print Version
An 11×17 PDF version of the Field Guide is available for print.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

This paper is designed to casually explain common vulnerabilities and initial steps to proactively protect an agencies infrastructure.

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