Mobile Device Examiner (MDE)

Provider: National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI)

Target Audience: Officers

Topic Area: Cyber Forensics, Cyber Investigations, Mobile Forensics

Event Type: Training

Delivery Method: Classroom

MDE is a 20 day course designed to provide hands-on experience with mobile devices. Investigators will gain experience with a wide array of mobile devices such as cell phones, GPS units, and tablets, forensics analysis tools, legal issues, and report generation for law enforcement. The course combines instructor-led discussions and practical exercises to teach methodologies and techniques used during investigations involving digital evidence of mobile devices with traditional investigative techniques.

After completing this course, students will:

  • Understand mobile device file systems.
  • Understand mobile device seizure and evidence recovery.
  • Understand tracking histories of mobile devices.
  • Understand the tools necessary to analyze and document mobile device investigations.
  • Understand the basic drafting of court orders and search warrants.
  • Complete individual and group practical exercises.
  • Know legal issues applicable to digital evidence for mobile devices.

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