Cybercrime Turns on the Regulators

Financial services have long been on the front line of the fight against cybercrime. However, with attacks surging during the pandemic, that fight is becoming increasingly urgent. Regulators find themselves with the task of building capacity within the sector and improving their oversight while simultaneously protecting their own systems against a growing wave of attacks.
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Fighting an emerging cybercrime trend

On July 16, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) again secured a court order to take down malicious infrastructure used by cybercriminals. As we continually explore new ways to combat emerging trends and techniques to better protect our customers, we filed this case to target the use of “homoglyph” ­– or imposter – domains that are increasingly being used in a variety of attacks. As a result, a judge in the Eastern District of Virginia issued a court order requiring domain registrars to disable service on malicious domains that have been used to impersonate Microsoft customers and commit fraud.

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