Alexandria PD – Criminal Investigations Section

The Criminal Investigation SectionÕs primary responsibility is to conduct the follow-up investigations of crimes that occur within the City. Examples of these investigations include financial crimes, computer crimes, and other serious investigations requiring intensive specialized or confidential investigation.

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Fremont PD – Internet Crimes

Detectives in the Investigations unit are sub-divided by their specific assignment. The crimes include identity theft and hi-tech computer crimes. Detectives are assigned to the Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory and Regional Allied Computer Team.

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Greenville County Sheriff’s Office – Data Recovery Unit

The Data Recovery Unit investigates computer crimes and internet predator cases within Greenville County. They also have the ability to retrieve evidentiary data from computers and phones which is crucial in the successful prosecution of criminal cases. The Data Recovery investigators also conduct monthly internet safety classes upon request.

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Naperville PD – High Tech Computer Crimes

This unit investigates computer and technology based crimes including sexting, cyber-bullying, computer tampering, internet crimes against children, undercover child pornography investigation, computer/internet based financial fraud and some community education on keeping kids safe on social media and the internet. This unit also investigates less serious offenses such as theft, criminal damage to property, and disorderly conduct.

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Monmouth County Prosecutor – Computer Crimes Unit

The Unit is comprised of two assistant prosecutors, one of whom serves as the Unit director, detectives and support staff. The Unit investigates and prosecutes a variety of crimes, including online theft and auction fraud, electronically communicated threats, network intrusions, online child predation, and the possession and distribution of child pornography. Additionally, the Computer Crimes Unit provides investigative and legal support to other units/agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of crimes involving electronic evidence.

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