IsoBuster – Computer Forensics Investigations

IsoBuster is a well known and often used tool in the forensics world. Many police departments and other governmental institutions in law enforcement and forensic data gathering use IsoBuster extensively. IsoBuster is unique because it shows the true layout of an optical disc or other media. Investigators can now fully inspect all the tracks, sessions and partitions on various media and in the mean time get a better understanding of how data is managed on the media.

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Winchester PD – Computer Crime Unit

The Computer Crime Unit (CCU) provides forensic and investigative services to NEMLEC agencies and other law enforcement agencies if/as designated by the Executive Board. The unit is also responsible for training police in computer crime investigations, providing community-based Internet Safety Training and investigating all forms of crimes facilitated by the use of high technology (computers) within our jurisdictions. The unit in Medford serves Middlesex County, and Peabody serves Essex County.

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Modesto PD – High-Tech Unit

Realizing the urgent need to investigate crimes involving technology, the Modesto Police Department created a computer forensics lab with one dedicated detective. The Hi-Tech Unit is responsible for investigating all computer and internet related crimes which occur in the city limits of Modesto. In addition to investigating computer related crimes, the Hi-Tech Unit also helps the other units assigned to Investigation Services Division with the technology components of their cases.

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Suffolk County Police Computer Crimes Unit

The Suffolk Cyber Crime Unit aims to combat the rising number of cyber and cyber enabled crime. The unit will be responsible for investigating all offences where networked computers or technology have bee nused to commit crimes, from child pornography, human trafficking, drugs and contraband and the increasing problem of online fraud.

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LIRCB Computer Crimes Unit

The Labor, Insurance and Revenue Crimes Bureau is created by the District Attorney to apply a multidisciplinary approach to addressing crimes that undermine U.S. economy and drain needed revenue from the public by integrating several units to comprehensively address these crimes. The Computer Crimes Unit is staffed by specially-trained detective investigators who are responsible for investigating crimes under Article 156 of the Penal law. The unit also assists the SCPD Computer Crime Section investigations.

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