Electric Power Meters

Smart Meters are electrical power meters that record and send information about a home’s electrical consumption to an electric company. This information could be useful to digital forensic investigators because it may reveal the times and dates when residential electrical consumption was most active. With some analysis, investigators may be able to differentiate between appliances, such as an electrical oven, or hot water heater. These data can provide information for pattern of life analysis, as well as predictive analysis for future events. It should be noted that the smart meters send data directly to the power company, and therefore a search warrant may be required to retrieve the data.
– Examples: Cisco, Honeywell, GE
– Technologies: wireless, digital memory
– More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_meter, http://www.whatissmartgrid.org/smart-grid-101/smart-meters, https://www.smartgrid.gov

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