Sources for Emerging Legal and Policy Issues

Below we provide some resources related to identifying emerging legal and policy issues for prosecutors.

  • LexisNexis Legal Newsroom provides up-to-the-minute information about emerging legal news in specialized practice areas, including Constitutional Law and Civil Rights, Criminal Law and Procedure, and Technology. As LexisNexis is part of Lexis, most of the information requires a Lexis Advance membership.


  • The ABA Journal also frequently includes articles related to cyber law and cyber crime. These articles are often on emerging topics in the law.

  • The Department of Justice, Office of Legislative Affairs provides the text of Congressional testimony officers by DOJ officials. This may be helpful for identifying emerging legal issues, and understanding the DOJ’s position on these issues.

  • SCOTUSblog’s Twitter feed is a valuable source of information about Supreme Court decisions, particularly as they are being released.


  • The ABA’s Science & Technology Law Group provides a variety of information related to technology and the law, including material related to cyber crime, information security, and privacy. It also has CLE podcasts available, several of which are related to cyber security. See also, the section on Privacy and Computer Crime:
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