General Legal Resources

The Legal Information Institute (LII), associated with Cornell Law School, posts the complete text of state and federal statutory law, as well as Supreme Court decisions, regulatory law documents, and suggested uniform laws. This is a comprehensive and reliable resource for a wide range of legal authorities. LII organizes and compiles lists of Supreme Court cases implicating specific legal provisions (including the Fourth Amendment) and hosts Wex, a crowd-sourced legal dictionary and encyclopedia.


The Law Library of Congress is a comprehensive resource for information on both available legal sources and strategies for conducting legal research. In particular, the Law Library of Congress provides links to a broad range of research resources for foreign law, as well as guides for performing international law research. They also produce reports for Congress describing how different counties have addressed legal issues, including reports on online privacy.


FindLaw contains both information for legal professionals and the general public. The resources designed for the general public include guides for protecting against different types of cyber attacks. Their legal professional resources include traditional statutory and case law search functions, as well as articles written by practicing lawyers and other legal experts about issues related law and legal practice. Several of these articles touch upon issues related to cyber crime.


In addition to providing statutory and case law texts, Justia has compiled indexes of cases of particular public interest, including suits against Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. The Justia website also includes models of forms for filing in municipal, state, and federal courts and agencies. For example, if a case requires a subpoena to be served on the Federal Communications Commission to obtain information, a model can be found on this web site.