How Can the Cyber Center Help Me?

Provided below is basic information for patrol officers regarding cyber investigations, forensic examination of digital evidence, and links to resources for training.

For patrol officers who encounter cell phones, computers, mobile devices, and other electronic media at crime scenes or in the course of making arrests, this website provides information about:

  • Key items to consider during the initial investigation
  • Types of cyber information: emails, social media, peer to peer, IP addresses, etc.
  • Free training programs
  • Common types of devices that generate electronic evidence

Cyber Crime Investigations

Learn the necessary steps when first responding to a cyber crime investigation.
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Digital Evidence

Understand how to identify and work with different forms of digital evidence.
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Explore relevant training programs for patrol officers.
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Internet of Things Infographic

This fun infographic presents 5 categories of electronic devices that may be found in a residential home. Clicking on the icons throughout the home reveals how various devices generate and store data.
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FBI Cyber Shield Alliance

IACP Conference

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